When to start IVF treatment?

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About 85% of the couples conceive within 1 year of active married life and 95% in 2 years.

Therefore, if a patient comes for treatment, earlier than a year and a half of active married life, which is very common in rural areas of India and in lower socio-economic classes of people, there is no need for IVF treatment. This should prevent unnecessary investigations, anxiety, and frustrations for the patient.

No invasive investigations such as laparoscopy should be done within these 2 years and nature should be given enough time to work for the couple to achieve pregnancy.

Among noninvasive investigations, semen analysis and midcycle/preovulatory scan are the two investigations that may be done. These will more or less prove the normalcy of the couple and then counseling only can help them conceive.

I have commonly observed that couples do conceive very often after the treatment is stopped. This is because the stress and anxiety of treatment are removed and the patient is relaxed.

Moreover, I have seen that when a specialist is treating these couples, they become very enthusiastic about doing some invasive investigation/procedure in every cycle, one after the other such as Rubin’s test (RT), hysterosalpingography (HSG), dilatation and curettage (D&C), and laparoscopy, and do not allow an opportunity for conception.

Therefore, when this patient is exhausted and abandons treatment, she conceives spontaneously.

Therefore, remember that counseling is more important than overenthusiastic invasive investigations.

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