First-stage urethroplasty

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  • Post last modified:April 14, 2022
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The clinical history of the patient and etiology of the penile stricture was fully evaluated at Care Hospital under Dr. Mrigendra Kumar. Suggested histological proven LS presenting obliterative meatal, navicularis and distal penile strictures. Required complete excision of the diseased urethral segment which is to be replaced with buccal mucosa in a 2-stage repair.

The patient was placed in a simple supine position. A suture was placed in the glans to stretch the penis. The urethra was fully longitudinally opened along its ventral surface, leaving a wide open meatus proximally to void through. The penile skin margins was sutured to the margins of the urethral plate and the new urinary meatus was located in the healthy urethral mucosa 2 cm proximally to the stricture. A Foley 12 F silicone catheter was left in place for 3 days. A soft dressing was applied.

An ice-bag was placed on the genital area for 24 h to reduce pain and hematoma formation. Three days after surgery the dressing and catheter was  removed and the patient was discharged from the hospital.

Six months after the first stage, the patient will be evaluated for closure of the urethra by second-stage urethroplasty.

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