Unusual esophageal foreign body

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The curiosity of a child made him brought to the emergency department of Care Hospital.

5-year-old boy, weighing 14.5 kg, from low socio-economic status, was brought to Paediatric Department of Care Hospital under Dr. Mrigendra Singh because he had swallowed coin about 8 h ago. This happened when his older brother was playing and took a coin, and accidentally gave it to the patient. The patient was compos mentis, crying loudly with 99% SpO2.

We performed an Antero-Posterior and lateral chest x-ray examination. There was a radiopaque shadow at the level of the 7th Cervical vertebrae – 1st Thoracal which was behind of the trachea. The diagnosis is ingested foreign body in upper third esophagus. 

The foreign body was removed half an hour later by senior pediatric surgeon Dr. Mrigendra Singh using a flexible endoscope under general anesthesia. The interval for the foreign body removal to the incident is 9 h. No signs of bleeding or inflammation were found in the esophageal lumen. The patient was discharged after 12-hour observation in good condition.

The patient came to the pediatric surgery outpatient clinic 6 weeks later without any complaints of stridor, nor swallowing difficulties. We have educated the parents to be careful in storing small items and supervise children while playing in the future.

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